App Store Optimization (ASO) book
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The 385 pages ASO Book (2018)

App Store Optimization

Co-authored by Moritz Daan & Gabe Kwakyi
ASO experts Moritz Daan and Gabe Kwakyi have partnered to write a complete guide to App Store Optimization (ASO).
The book is based on the ASO Stack framework that shows how the different elements of ASO are linked and how to successfully implement them. By the founders of Phiture and Incipia
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Based on the ASO Stack

The book is based on our widely adopted framework the ASO Stack


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ASO Stack

The ASO Stack

Cheat sheet for ASO

ASO Stack

The ASO Stack


The ASO Stack is a cheat sheet for mobile marketers to improve their app store presence. It contains all of the ASO elements and explains how they're connected.

iOS 11

2018 update incl. iOS 11+Creative Sets

What you need to know

iOS 11

iOS 11


The iOS 11 changes represent a shift in the way that ASO is managed. From changing the navigation to increasing the number of variables in the search results page.

visible icon

Increasing Visibility

Getting more views

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Search & Browse

Improving your app’s visibility in the app store is of paramount importance. In this chapter, we describe all the ways you can get in front of a potential customer.

Increasing Conversions

Increasing Conversion

Turn views to installs

Increasing Conversions



Turning views into downloads. Without a good conversion rate, top-line gains earned through increasing visibility can actually sabotage your app’s long-term chances at success.

ASO Tools

ASO Tools

Must-have tools

ASO Tools


An Overview

Trying to manage an ASO strategy without using tools is not recommended. One reason among many is that neither Apple nor Google provide data into keyword or top chart ranking.

Outside of the App Stores

Outside of the Stores

Other ASO factors

Outside of the App Stores

Ouside of Stores

Product & More

An app’s ASO success will depend heavily on internal factors like retention rate. But many external factors influence ASO, too.

What the industry says

ASO experts about the book

About the authors

App Store and App Growth expertise built over years

Moritz Daan

Moritz who previously founded and sold two online gaming companies started working in a full-time ASO role at SoundCloud in 2014. One of his first projects at SoundCloud was building out an A/B testing platform for testing App Store assets. Moritz soon started leading a growth team focused on International Growth at SoundCloud.

In 2016, he started his own mobile growth consultancy with mobile industry veteran Andy Carvell: Phiture. With Phiture, he’s helped over 30 apps such as Skyscanner, Headspace and Clue set up their ASO strategies.

Twitter | LinkedIn | Email Moritz

Gabe Kwakyi

Gabe is Co-Founder and CEO of Incipia, a mobile app agency that builds and markets apps for companies and entrepreneurs. Incipia has worked with dozens of apps teams from across the world to optimize their ASO and paid app marketing efforts, including Keepsafe, 5miles, Wordscapes, and WeatherBug.

Prior to Incipia, Gabe worked as a search advertising account manager at Microsoft Bing Ads, helping close to 100 clients, including Airbnb, the NHL, and Spotify, optimize $21 million in total of annual PPC spend.

Twitter | LinkedIn | Email Gabe

Our Contributors

Peter Fodor

Peter Fodor

Founder of AppAgent
Chapter: Getting Featured
Sylvain Gauchet

Sylvain Gauchet

Co-founder at Apptamin
Chapter: App Store Videos
Emily Grossman

Emily Grossman

Director of App Strategy at MobileMoxie
Chapter: App Indexing.
Paul Malicki

Paul Malicki

CEO of Flapper
Chapter: Switching Categories
Pablo Penny

Pablo Penny

Consultant and ASO lead at Phiture
Chapter: The Keyword Optimization Cycle
Daniel Peris

Daniel Peris

Co-founder of PickASO and TheTool
Chapter: Backlinks and Google Search Console

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly is ASO and the ASO Stack?

ASO describes all of the tasks related to App Store Optimization (ASO). The ASO Stack is a framework developed by Phiture and Incipia to use as a cheat sheet for ASO. Learn more at ASO

What do I get in this book?

Everything you need to know about ASO to be successful. A complete and unabridged guide, updated and ready for iOS 11 changes, written and vetted by industry experts.

Who is this book for?

This book is great for anyone practicing ASO, from beginners who have just had their first app approved, to seasoned ASO professionals looking to stay up-to-date on the cutting edge of ASO.

When can I order a hard copy of the book?

You can buy a print copy here. Please note: the printed book is sized at 8.5 x 11 inches and priced at $78.08. In order to distribute to Amazon the mandated minimum price for books of this size is $78.08, hence the change from the initially planned print $65 price.

Do I need to be a developer to use it?

We made sure non-technical readers can understand everything in this book. ASO is also not as technically challenging to learn as SEO; rather ASO is mainly about effective messaging and visual communication.

What if the book gets updated?

If you buy a digital copy of the ASO book, you will be eligible to receive any updated versions we release within the next 12 months, free of charge. You will also find the latest frameworks and other ASO materials here. With the printed book we can't offer these updates.

Who is behind this book?

Moritz Daan from mobile growth consultancy Phiture (Berlin, Germany) and Gabe Kwakyi from Incipia (Detroit, US) have partnered to write this complete guide to ASO. They received help and support from other industry professionals who contributed chapters and suggested feedback. If you would like to be a part of this community, join our Slack channel on